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So You Think You Know Minority Health?

minority healthWe are often told that great disparities exist between white and minority populations when it comes to health, but how many people really know the specifics?

A new game put together by Families USA invites you to test yourself on a range of questions related to minority health. The organization has launched an interactive, web game show called “So You Think You Know Minority Health?”

The game has five categories to choose from, including “Dude, Where’s My Care?” and “Debate and Legislate.”

The site asks questions like, “Among children aged 6-11, which racial group is most likely to be overweight?” and “Which minority group experiences the most language barriers when accessing care?”

We won’t reveal any more of the questions (or their answers) here, but we encourage you to spend a few minutes challenging yourself on these important, and often alarming, statistics.

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