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More on McKinsey

Last week we wrote about a study done by the consulting company McKinsey, which claimed that a third of all employers would drop their health coverage as a result of the Affordable Care Act. We pointed out that

  • this contradicted nearly every other study done on the subject, and
  • McKinsey is refusing to release details about how it conducted the study– without which it’s impossible to tell if the study is valid.

More bad news this week for the survey’s credibility– turns out that one of the studies refuting the McKinsey report was done by one of McKinsey’s own economists— Bowen Garrett, who helps lead their Center for U.S. Health System Reform. We’re really curious to know what he thinks of his employers’ survey.

Meanwhile, Forbes‘ Rick Ungar asks why McKinsey would put out such a flawed report. He points out that McKinsey doesn’t have a reputation for being particularly right wing. Instead, says Ungar, “It was about the money“:

Ask yourself this question – What does McKinsey & Company do for a living?

They consult and advise large corporations on how to solve business problems and properly innovate and organize their future.

Who will these companies turn to in order to get advice on the benefits of unraveling their complicated and extensive employee benefit plans and for assistance in executing any new plans for the same?

McKinsey & Company.

What we have in the McKinsey survey is little more than a company ‘pitch piece’ designed to drive customers to their door.

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