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Best videos of the week


We came across a bunch of pretty great videos covering health care this week that we wanted to share– so here’s a special video What If to get you ready for the weekend!  

In the video above, the Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac looks at how lobbyists killed a bill meant to reward healthy behavior with insurance discounts. But the shocking part is which groups were behind the bill’s demise.

Next up Stephen Colbert highlights a health program that lets patients barter for care:

And finally, global health professor Hans Rosling reveals the surprising relationship between child mortality and population growth– that as fewer children die families actually get smaller. It might sound like dry stuff, but with some great graphics (and an awesome accent), Rosling makes it interesting:

We’re always looking for smart and engaging health care videos (and charts and articles). If you find any, definitely send them our way!

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