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Free birth control for women

In our last health snapshot, we reported how, as part of the health reform bill, the Institute of Medicine made recommendations for preventative services for women that insurance companies should be required to cover without co-pays. On Monday, the Department of Health and Human Services announced, as expected, that  it will adopt the Institute’s suggestions into its guidelines for insurance companies. The provision getting the most attention is free birth control, but thanks to the new standards, insurance will also cover:

  • at least one “well woman” preventative care visit annually
  • screenings for the virus that causes cervical cancer;
  • annual counseling on sexually transmitted infections for sexually active women;
  • annual counseling and screening for HIV;
  • diabetes tests during pregnancy;
  • support for breast feeding mothers, including the cost of renting pumps;
  • screening for and counseling about domestic violence.

Our favorite conservative pundit, Stephen Colbert has more:

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