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About Us
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About Us

Let’s face it– the health care system in this country is broken. We talk to friends and neighbors who have partial access or no access to medical care; who face mounting costs even with insurance; and who have had doctor prescribed exams and treatments turned down by their insurance companies. We hold fundraisers for those who couldn’t afford health insurance and then fell sick. Meanwhile, the care we’re getting for these precious dollars is becoming more and more expensive and of poorer quality. It is no longer safe to assume that America has the best health care system in the world.

We decided that we wanted to do something. Here’s what we knew starting out:

  • America’s health care system is massive and complex. One fifth of our economy is devoted to health care, and that percentage is growing.
  • The reform movement consists of countless viewpoints, organizations, and pieces legislation.
  • There was no easily accessible place that condensed the important information and presented it in an easy read for the average person.

So beginning in early 2007, we set out to make the health care system and the health care reform movement a little more understandable.

Our Policies

It is WhatIfPost.com policy to always include citations for statistics and articles in a list of sources following the blog or piece, or as embedded links (denoted by blue lettering).

Who We Are

Georgia Berner, Founder & Executive Editor
GB owns a company in Western PA where she pays the full health insurance costs for her 60 employees. In 2006, Georgia ran in the Democratic primary for U.S. Congress. Talking to voters, she learned a lot about some of the issues that are most important to Americans: energy, jobs, education, and of course, health care.

Rob Cullen, Writer & Content Manager
Before joining What If, Rob worked mainly as a freelance writer, which means he is VERY interested in issues surrounding health insurance.

Lindsay Patross, Advisor
Lindsay works in online and offline community building.  She has worked on a number of political campaigns in Western Pennsylvania and is the founder of  I ♥ PGH.

Jay Wess, Website Design
Jay is an independent web designer living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  He can be reached via jayrwess [AT] gmail.