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Welcome Back!

Thank you for visiting What If Post.com. 

Last month, What If said goodbye to former content manager Emily Cleath.  Emily is moving on up in the policy world and we wish her the best of luck.  Thank you, Emily, for your excellent reporting and hard work over the last two years! 

Julia Nagle will be replacing Emily as a writer for What If Post.  She asks for feedback and questions from readers.  She plans to start a weekly Q and A post to answer your health care-related questions.  You can email topics to Julia at [email protected]

We want to continue the dialogue with you- the average American health care consumer.  As you may have noticed, we always keep an eye on reducing costs for taxpayers and improving the quality of care for patients (and often the two goals are related!).  At the same time, we are not pushing for one set of policy “solutions.”  We want to first explore the range of problems with our health care system and then begin to look at solutions later on.    

So please help us keep the discussion rolling.   Thanks so much for your participation so far, and be sure to check back weekly for new posts.   

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