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Nuclear Beef

We’ve been covering the health issues surrounding the Fukushima nuclear plant for a while now. Finally there’s been some good news, as Japanese officials have announced that the plant has been stabilized, and workers could achieve a cold shutdown within six months. The bad news is that it could take over a decade before the final cleanup is completed, and there’s still no word on when the 80,000 evacuated residents can return to their homes. And there’s this:

Japan’s government has suspended all beef cattle shipments from Fukushima Prefecture for fear of widespread radioactive contamination caused by the troubled nuclear plant.

The government said beef from farms in Fukushima was found to be highly radioactive, and that one sample was found to contain radioactive cesium in amounts 9 times the government standard.

The ministry says 648 head of cattle were shipped from the farms, and that beef from the cattle was distributed to 35 prefectures.

So skip the Kobe beef if you’re visiting Japan these days.

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