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Mitt Romney has a bad week

On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial pointing out that Mitt Romney has an “Obamacare problem” if he plans to run in the Republican primaries. The “problem” is that the Affordable Care Act passed last year looks awfully similar to the health reform Massachusetts enacted while Mitt Romney was governor, particularly with its use of an individual mandate. Since Republicans have now decided that the mandate is an assault on freedom (despite supporting it for years until Democrats embraced it), the WSJ calls Romney “compromised and not credible,” adding, “If he does not change his message, he might as well try to knock off Joe Biden and get on the Obama ticket.” Ouch.

The same day, Romney gave a talk at the University of Michigan, defending the individual mandate (brilliantly) while still attacking Obamacare (not so brilliantly– even conservatives didn’t buy it). We’ll have more on this in an upcoming post, but we did want to point out that The Onion scooped the WSJ on this one back in April, with an article titled Mitt Romney Haunted by Past of Trying to Help Unnisured Sick People.

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