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Health Care Quiz

Take our ten-question quiz and find out how much you know about rising health care costs!

#1 CLAIM: Those without insurance, or not enough insurance, are to blame for rising health care costs.

#2 CLAIM: People do not take responsibility for their own health. If people just lost weight, stopped smoking, and listened to their doctor health care costs would go down

#3 CLAIM: Medical errors and poor quality are increasing costs.

#4 CLAIM: Malpractice lawsuits are the number one reason why costs have risen so much.

#5 CLAIM: Advances in medical science are increasing costs

#6 CLAIM: Hospital care, due to its nature, is bound to drive up costs. They're incapable of getting their costs under control.

#7 CLAIM: Insurance companies help control costs by managing healthcare efficiently.

#8 CLAIM: The increasing use of better, but more expensive, prescription drugs is driving up costs.

#9 CLAIM: Doctors all have huge salaries and are charging too much.

#10 CLAIM: Administrative costs are a huge drain on the system.