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Check out the new History of Health Reform timeline!

Just wanted to let you know about a couple of changes we have made, or will be making soon, on What If Post.

First, we’ve updated our History of Health Reform timeline.  The new version should be easier to use– it looks more like a timeline now and we’ve added some pictures. Even better, it’s interactive: you can zoom in and out for more detail, click on events to get even more info and links, and eventually you’ll be able to sort by topic.  (Thanks to the folks at Timeglider for the free software.)  And for those of you who prefer your historical information in boxy html charts, there’s still a link to the old version.  Check out the new timeline here.

That’s just one of the changes we have planned for the design of What If Post.  Coming soon, look for some new art and graphics on the rest of the site.

And finally, if you’re on Twitter, we definitely invite you to follow us.  Our Twitter feed will let you know whenever a new post goes up, and you’ll get links to the most interesting health-related articles we find on the web.  If you’re not on Twitter, you can still see what links we’ve posted recently in the Twitter Updates sidebar (in the column to the right, under Featured Stories).

Thanks again for reading, and stay Posted!

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